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Guardian Gallery

Guardian Gallery: Two Social Bar

As the temperatures rise and spring looms, Wright State University (WSU) students may be looking for off-campus entertainment. Two Social promises to be just what they are looking for.

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Guardian Gallery: Speakeasy Yoga

Tori Richards opened the doors of Speakeasy Yoga in 2015. As a Wright State University psychology graduate in 2011, Richards studied yoga in the area and traveled to different studios across the country for training. She realized she was looking for the ideal type of yoga studio and decided to open her own.

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Guardian Gallery: April Craze

The morning of April 22 dawned on the biggest campus celebration of the year. The first April Craze since 2019 returned with 90 tables, 20 vendors and a projected attendance of 3,000 students.

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Guardian Gallery: Space Three Fitness

Space Three Fitness Boutique promises to be a “third space” away from work and school for students interested in fitness.

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Guardian Gallery: Baseball vs. Fort Wayne

Baseball in Fort Wayne | Photo by Stephen Hopkins | The Wright State Guardian

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