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Dayton’s Not Dead: Clash Dayton

DND Clash Gallery | Photo by Arden Reimer | The Wright State Guardian

Clash Dayton, a gallery and boutique located in the Oregon District in Dayton, sells a variety of items, ranging from art to clothing to incense and more. Clash acts as more than just a store and is also a hub for local creatives to come together and share art.

Clash Dayton

Clash Gallery on Fifth Street will be celebrating 12 years since opening in August this year but was originally located on Third Street, according to Mary Kathryn Burnside, the owner of the store. Due to the lack of fellow businesses on Third Street, Burnside made the decision to relocate the boutique to Fifth Street. 

“Originally, Clash was on Third Street, but we moved to Fifth Street in 2011, as there is a lot of foot traffic here. Back then, there weren’t any other businesses on Third Street, so we were alone there,” Burnside said.

Open six days a week, a team of four full-time and two part-time workers run the gallery and boutique.

Burnside originally wanted a store to be able to sell personal artwork and handmade costumes. This proposal then evolved into Clash being a hub for local creatives to come together to sell art and handmade and vintage clothing. 

Burnside would originally search online for local artists, but recently, creatives have come into the space to propose products to sell at Clash.

“We started off just selling art, and then we grew into handmade and vintage. It’s a pretty big range, obviously we sell clothing and art but also accessories, books, home decor, incense,” Burnside said. 

Today, Clash sells a little bit of everything. Artists sell prints for as little as $10, but original pieces can range from $50 to $10,000, with the most expensive piece at Clash reaching $11,000. 

“We have a lot of different styles of vintage clothing for everyday wear, we have a lot of locally made art and products. We have a dark-art vibe here, whereas Iris and Nyx is going to be more light,” Burnside explained.

Future of Clash Dayton – Iris and Nyx

Iris and Nyx is a second partner store to Clash that Burnside and a fellow employee are opening. With the grand opening on May 5, Iris and Nyx will focus more on bridal, formal and lingerie as opposed to Clash, according to Burnside.

Burnside voiced the personal favorite part of working as the store owner at Clash, expressing a close, family-like relationship with the coworkers, all taking care of eachother. Another perk is being the first to choose from any cool, vintage items that come into Clash.

“Personally, it’s that my staff and myself get the first pick of the clothing that comes through, so if a really cool vintage dress comes through, whoevers working that day can choose to buy it first,” Burnside said. 

Burnside also urged for creative students at Wright State to reach out to Clash. 

“Any students at Wright State who are looking for a place to sell their work, a place to model, getting involved in fashion and art shows, Clash Gallery is a good hub for them,” Burnside said.

For more information on Clash Gallery and Boutique, call 937-259-8986.

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