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Letter from the Editor: Student Press Freedom Day 2024

Alexis Lewis | Photo by Bethany Althauser | The Wright State Guardian

This Student Press Freedom Day, we celebrate the tenacity and persistence of student journalists. The theme of “Powerfully Persistent” is a guiding tenet for journalists across the country and at all levels, particularly in local media sectors and at college universities. Here at the Wright State Guardian, we pride ourselves on telling important stories from unique perspectives. This academic year in particular has provided many challenges and important stories for us to cover: the Jacob Hall fire, the Hangar incident, the Walmart shooting, the Cedar Hall shooting incident and much more. 

In our work at the Guardian, we must ask hard questions and commit to due diligence to tell the whole story regardless of who it might upset. We have had to push through boundaries and walls that are placed in our way in order to simply ask those questions. The Student Press Law Center has proven an invaluable asset to us by guiding and informing us about our rights as student journalists. Even when our First Amendment rights are infringed, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the pillars of professional journalism. 

Powerful persistence is at the core of what we do. Even in the day-to-day workings of the Guardian, we must remain persevering and determined. As students, we also must deal with the same stressors other people face: school, other jobs, family life and mental health. Our creators take time out of their day to inform the community about important campus happenings. 

We must continue to look toward the future of journalism with hope and determination. Despite the many challenges and setbacks journalists endure on a daily basis, we are built by the support of our community and by our principles of truth and service. Our line of work is one that sometimes goes unnoticed, but we are never doing the job for page views or for clicks. We do the job to bring light to often hidden or silenced voices. We do the job to inform and serve the Wright State community. 

While some might see Student Press Freedom Day as just another day of the year, we see it as an opportunity to call out injustice and continue to fight for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. As we look forward to the rest of the academic year, our team is full of hope. Hope for more access to information. Hope for more supporters who believe in the same ideals as us. Hope for a better future for journalists in this country and in the world.

Alexis Lewis


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