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Quick News: Top Articles From Last Week

WRIGHT LIFE: Top newsworthy things this week

WRIGHT LIFE: Top newsworthy things this week | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Here are the top articles from last week from The Wright State Guardian Media Group.

High Levels of Lead found in Wright State University’s (WSU) Drinking Water, Two Locations

High levels of lead were found in separate taps in two buildings. These levels, according to the university, are not typical of campus water and are not a serious concern for students. The university is also planning on integrating a new disinfection process known as Clearwater to the water systems.


WSU Students Gather to Celebrate MLK and his Legacy

The Bolinga Black Cultural Center held two events this past week to focus on Martin Luther King Jr. and what his legacy means to WSU students. The first was an in-person event at the Bolinga center, where students made crafts and talked about what MLK week meant to them. The second event was a virtual presentation on Martin Luther King Jr.’s life as well as his life’s work.


Men’s Basketball: Nagy Not Pleased With Team Defense

This article centered on the Jan. 6 men’s basketball game, which was the first game back for head coach Scott Nagy who had to miss two games due to COVID-19 safety policies. The Raiders struggled at the beginning of the first half but pulled it together before halftime. This hot streak continued throughout most of the second half and the game ended with a win for the Raiders and a score of 90-72.

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WSU Masking Policy at Nutter Center: Non-Compliance Concerns

WSU’s mask policy is active at all times on all days when at campus events and/or inside campus buildings. This also applies to the Nutter Center, but only at WSU sponsored events. Mask and vaccination policies for non-WSU events will likely vary according to who or what is happening at the center.


SGA to Award Thousands in Scholarships This Spring

Student Government Association (SGA) met on Tuesday, Jan. 18 to discuss two scholarship opportunities for students. These included the annual SG (student government) scholarship fund, currently at $3,100, and the Endowed SG Scholarship Fund, currently at $14,982. SGA has formed a scholarship committee to discuss the application process and the awarding of the funds from the annual scholarship.