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Recruiting Dead Period Extended to January 2021

WSU vs. Cleveland State Women's Basketball | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

WSU vs. Cleveland State Women’s Basketball | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

The Division I Council extended the recruiting dead period through Jan. 1, 2021. The recruiting dead period has been reviewed and extended on a monthly basis since April. 

The dead period restricts all in-person recruiting and forces coaches to communicate through phone to potential recruits. 

“I can say that their first priority right now is the health and safety of the student-athletes and coaches,” said Associate Director of Communications for the NCAA Michelle Hosick. 

The health and safety of the student-athletes and coaches has been at the forefront of the Division I Council since the recruiting dead period was implemented. 

Impact on recruits 

The recruiting dead period fails to give potential college bound student-athletes the proper recruiting experience. 

“I got a late start on the recruiting process so the dead period would have eliminated the whole recruiting process for me,” said senior on the Wright State University (WSU) golf team Bryce Haney. 

Student-athletes are not allowed to take actual visits to any college campuses during the dead period. 

It could be challenging for a student-athlete to decide on where to further their education, along with competing in their sport without being able to physically see the campus  

“While the Council acknowledged and appreciates the growing desire to resume in-person recruiting by select coaches’ associations, Council members ultimately concluded the primary concern right now must be protecting the current student-athletes on our campuses,” said Council Chair, Athletics Director at Pennsylvania M. Grace Calhoun. 

Adjustment for coaches 

The dead period changes the recruiting process for the coaches at WSU as well. 

“Without in-person interaction, we have used more FaceTime and technology to show off our campuses and facilities,” said Head Coach of the women’s basketball team Katrina Merriweather. 

Coaches are learning on the fly just as student-athletes are during these unprecedented times. They have to explain everything virtually to appeal to high school athletes for their commitment. 

“Statistically, players are committing quicker than in the past,” said Merriweather. 

The recruiting dead period has a drastic impact on every universities’ athletic program in the country, and these restrictions will take place for the foreseeable future. 

The Division I Council has already pushed the dead period back multiple times, so January might not be the end of it.