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We all bring something special to our group of friends with our unique personality. Read here to discover what kind of friend you actually are based on your zodiac sign. 


Aries, you are the supportive friend. You value your friends like no other and do everything you can to support them in their endeavors, beliefs and futures. 


Taurus, you are the motivational friend. You see the best of everyone and every situation. Oftentimes, your friends look to you to share your positivity and make light of a dark situation. You like to encourage others that they are capable of doing anything they set their mind to. 


Gemini, you are the wild and fun friend. You are always willing to try something new, even if it is something you could never see yourself doing. You love to have a good laugh and you are carefree enough that your friends can always count on you to say “yes”. 


Cancer, you are the loyal friend. You are a constant in all your friends’ lives and you do your best to keep up with them and be there for them through everything they do. No matter what happens, you always bounce back from a fight and keep your promises. 


Leo, you are the compassionate friend. You may not have a billion friends or be “the most popular” but you have the best relationships and that is all that matters. You are extremely compassionate towards all of your friends and they are always grateful for your generosity. 


Virgo, you are the problem-solving friend. You are the glue that holds your friend group together. Often the one to break up fights or keep them from happening, you often remind everyone why they are friends to begin with. 


Libra, you are the hilarious friend. Everyone knows that when they are with you, they will be laughing. You tell the best jokes and overall just have a funny personality. You are crazy enough that you’ll do anything to get a laugh. 


Scorpio, you are the dedicated friend. You are extremely passionate and know that friends are so important in life. You will do anything for your friends and know that they will do the same for you. 


Sagittarius, you are the brutally honest friend. You are not afraid to say it like it is no matter what others think. All of your friends know that you won’t sugar coat your opinion. They also know not to take your comments too personally. 


Capricorn, you are the loud friend. Everyone hears you coming before they see you and recognizes you by the sound of your voice. It isn’t uncommon for your friends to hear your obnoxiously loud and contagious laugh through the walls. 


Aquarius, you are the emotional friend. You tend to take everything very seriously and feel your emotions very strongly. You have a great love for all of your friends and people often tell you that you wear your heart on your sleeve. 


Pisces, you are the late friend. No matter who you go to spend time with or what you are doing, all of your friends know that you will be the last to show up. It is something that you can’t help and your friends know. Everyone has accepted that you will be late, including yourself.

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