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Winter fashion tips



I’m not sure what it is about winter, but something about the cold seems to destroy the motivation to do anything. You just want to wrap yourself in warm blankets and stay in your comfy oversized sweats all day. But here’s the thing: you can look fashionable and stay warm without too much effort. Below are a couple of ideas to help you out:



A sweater can instantly make you look more stylish than you feel. Cable knit, cashmere, turtleneck, patterned; the possibilities are endless. They can be mixed and matched with so many things to create some stylish ensembles. Leggings are great, although may not be the best for the winter air, so skinny jeans or leather pants are it.

Sweater dresses paired with the knee-length boots make for cute outfits too. Sweaters may seem boring or plain but they’re fuzzy, comfy and most importantly, warm.


Recently, I discovered something called an “oversize blanket scarf.” No, it’s not an actual blanket. Think of an infinity scarf, but bigger and with twice as many ways to use it. Apart from being used as a blanket, these scarves can be used as makeshift ponchos, shawls or capes.

By cape, I don’t mean the one Superman has. This one is draped across one shoulder, so it’s a cross between a cape and a scarf. More importantly, your face won’t freeze. So, if you’re prone to cold noses, pick up a blanket scarf.


This is really simple but matching your boots with your bag gives your outfit a new element of style. You could look more put together than you feel just by doing this. Boots are another essential winter item, just like sweaters.

Full-length, ankle, heeled, over-the-knee, flat, wedged; whatever you prefer. Heeled knee-length or ankle boots paired with denim make your legs look leaner and longer. It goes without saying that leggings and boots are best friends. Pair them up with a cute sweater and simple accessories and you’ve got yourself a winter outfit.

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