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Year: 2022

5 Apps to Play with Friends

These multiplayer apps allow for connection with friends and family.

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Top 5 Christmas Horror Movies To Watch

Christmas Horror movie | Photo from Edinburgh News “The Lodge” (2019)  In “The Lodge,” Grace, who is not officially a stepmother yet, wants to deal with the stereotype as soon as possible. Played by Riley Keough, Grace wants to spend more time with her boyfriend, Richard, and his children, who are still mourning the suicide […]

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Winter Holidays from Around the World

These winter holidays from around the world range from Africa to Mexico and incorporate a multitude of traditions, activities, food and more.

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GTV: Things to Do Around the Dayton Area Over Holiday Break

Here’s another list of Dayton locations to visit during our long holiday break.

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Winter Safety Tips

When winter comes, so does the extreme weather. Here are some tips to stay safe during the holidays and the beginning of the spring semester.

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