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Author: Makenzie Hoeferlin


Give a Gift that Gives Back: Awesome Socks Club

This holiday season, no matter what you’re celebrating, you probably plan to give a lot of gifts. Why not give someone a gift that gives back?

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Photo of Sue Edwards, outdoors without a face mask

Exploring the Unique Relationship of Passion vs. Pressure

Student reporters at Wright State University spent the fall 2021 semester examining the pressure versus passion dynamic.

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Wright State University Student Union | Photo by Marissa Couch | The Wright State Guardian

Student Union Closure: What We Know

Many questions are still circulating about the extent of the damage and when students can expect the Union to reopen.

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Breaking: WSU Faculty Union Asking For Remote Classes and Vaccination Requirements

WSU Faculty are asking the university to increase flexibility with remote class options and require vaccinations to return to campus.

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| Photos by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

What to Know Before First Weekend, Complete Schedule

First Weekend is a three-day, in-person event packed with information, games, advice and more designed to acclimate new students.

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