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Movie Talk: “Coffee & Kareem”

I feel like I was sold something that wasn’t worth selling. These are my thoughts after managing to make it through “Coffee & Kareem.”

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Movie Talk: “Uncorked” Netflix review

I understand that every work of fiction is technically contrived, but it shouldn’t feel that way. In this film, things seem to happen because Elijah needs an obstacle to overcome.

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A movie that uses its time well: Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Within the past week we have all learned that there is truly a lot of time in a day, especially with them being 24 hours and all.

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Regal Cinemas | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Movie Talk: How coronavirus has affected the film industry

Who knew that James Bond’s biggest threat was the coronavirus?

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Movie Review: Parasite

How do I talk about a movie that has won multiple awards, has received enormous praise, and has become a historic moment in cinema history?

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