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Music Review: Father of All… by Green Day

The album goes back to the band’s punk-rock roots with a fun sound but is tame at the same time, showing how much Green Day has honed their ability to create commercially popular punk-rock songs since the 80s.

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YouTube recommend: “Hot Ones”

Are you looking for a show that’ll make you hungry, make you laugh and give you insight into some interesting people? No? Well, I’ll just pretend you are, in which case I have a great recommendation.

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Album Review: Music To Be Murdered By

“Music To Be Murdered By”, the unexpected 11th studio album by American hip-hop artist Eminem, was dropped on Jan. 17, and quickly reached the top position on the Billboard 200 album chart.

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Music Review: “Manic” by Halsey

This album dropped on Jan. 17 and is an intriguing look into Halsey’s life, offering up her stories of heartache and struggle with bipolar disorder.

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