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Coming Soon: Wright State University’s Bike Check-Out Program

Campus | Monica Brutto | The Wright State Guardian

This spring, a recently developed bike check-out program will be making an appearance on the notoriously bike-friendly Wright State University Dayton campus. 

What to know

Campus recreation is in the midst of establishing a program that incorporates bikes and attainable, free-range transportation on campus. 

“[Bikes] will all be checked out through the Outdoor Resource Center in the Student Union,” Director of the Student Union and Campus Recreation Eric Corbitt said. 

Students will be able to check out bikes at no cost with no renting involved, according to Corbitt. The bikes will be available for check-out to all students for access to a wide range of locations via bike trails on- and off-campus; this also means that students can take the bikes to any nearby spots for a break from campus.

Not only are the conveniences linked with this type of transportation appealing for students, so are the various benefits that ensue. 

“Even for students who won’t utilize it as a day to day means of transportation, it will be nice to know that the option is there,” graduate student and Campus Recreation member Arian McNeil said. 

Additionally, since the latest rise in gas prices, bikes may help students conserve gas, money and time, according to freshman Cole Henderson. 

What to expect

Campus recreation is working out policies at this time. Additional rollout of a new bike shelter and two bike-fixit stations is coming sometime this fall, according to Corbitt. 

Furthermore, students will be sure to see the bike rental service implementation. 

“We will have a full grand opening and a blowout to announce [the program] in the spring,” Corbitt said. 

WSU’s Campus Recreation anticipates the release of the bike check-out program will take place near the Student Union this upcoming spring.

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