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Entertaining Book Recs for Winter Break

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations | Photo by | The Wright State Guardian

During the holidays it is hard to find time to read or look for books that will entertain long enough to make it worthwhile.

These books may not exactly fit the holiday spirit, but they are entertaining enough to bring smiles, tears, frustration and a whole slew of emotions a really good book is meant to expose.

“What If It’s Us” by Becky Albertalli

Set during summer vacation, Albertalli has two teenage boys who meet from two different ways of life. Arthur is from Atlanta, GA and Ben is from the heart of New York City where the story is told.

Arthur and Ben meet coincidentally in the middle of a flash mob marriage proposal. They do not get the chance to exchange numbers or names before they separate.

This is a story of first love and self-exploration for Arthur. For Ben, it is shortly after a bad breakup and a story finding what he truly wants in himself and his relationships.

“I Hunt Killers” series by Barry Lyga

This trilogy has enough suspense, mystery, romance and humor to pull its readers along with each page while following the son of a notorious serial killer known as Billy Dent. Jasper “Jazz” Dent was taught from a young age to follow his father’s footsteps as the best serial killer America had ever seen.

Jazz, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with his father’s legacy or to continue the family career. Instead, he uses what Billy taught him to help police and FBI hunt serial killers.

“House Arrest” by K.A. Holt

This middle-grade book is an epistolary novel through the eyes of a 12-year-old kid under house arrest from stealing a wallet and using a credit card to buy his baby brother’s medicine.

All Timothy wanted was to help his struggling mother get his brother’s life-saving medicine and keep him alive long enough for life-saving surgery. Yet after being caught, he has to prove he is not the delinquent they claim him to be, and a year of this journal is his hope to prove that.

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