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Facebook Changes Name to Meta: What to Expect

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On Oct. 28, Facebook announced in a virtual reality conference that the social media giant will be changing its name to “Meta” and announced its new flagship project called the “Metaverse.”

Throughout the conference, Facebook talked about how it hopes to advance social interaction, fitness, work, education and more all through the Metaverse, its new virtual reality social media program that allows creators from around the world to pitch in.

It will combine augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR) and virtual reality (VR) all with the real world as a new way to connect with friends.

Social interaction

The first showing of the conference included new ways to interact with friends which include sharing a card game online, a virtual reality home space and art found on the street that can turn into 3-D artwork inside the metaverse.

Inside of all of this, Facebook (now Meta) hopes to create real social interaction experiences, like facial expressions, seeing one another and playing games all virtually.

That virtual space will also have other aspects to it, like creating an avatar. These avatars will be different from the average profile picture, using facial expressions in real life and being a representation of people in the Metaverse.

What will change?

Facebook users, however, can expect things to stay the same for now. 

The Metaverse will take years to develop, and until that happens, Facebook, Instagram and other services that Meta now runs will continue to operate as normal.

But, with Facebook’s announcement of the Metaverse release to come in the next few years, social media, and the way we interact with one another, will never be the same.

Noah Kindig

Sports Reporter