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From the archives: Top ten WSU stories of the decade

Wright State campus after first snowfall of the season | Photograph by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

After going through The Wright State Guardian’s archives, several stories stuck out more than others. The university has seen many highs and lows in the last decade.

“WebCT is out, Pilot is in,” 2010

WebCT was a program that had been used by students and faculty since 2003. This article describes how Pilot was similar to WebCT but more capable and easier for students and faculty to use. Wright State has been using for Pilot for almost the whole decade.

“Wright State gets $6.4 million in research contracts,” 2011

The Wright State Research Institute was started in 2007. At the time of publication, only 47 people worked at The Wright State Research Institute. During the fiscal year 2010, The Wright State Research Institute generated $3.4 million, and for fiscal year 2011, $6 million was generated in just six months.

The $6.4 million in research money was spread between two contacts, one focused on neuroscience and medical imaging and one focused on intelligence technologies. The contracts were set to be worked on for the next five years. In 2018, The Wright State Research Institute employed 85 people.

“Internet security bill sent to US Senate could affect the privacy of internet users alike if passed,” 2012

The internet has changed and evolved so much in the past decade. 2012 was a year for big internet security debates. The internet security bill being discussed in this article was the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

“Raiders take Horizon League by storm,” 2013

The Raiders have seen good and bad years for our Men’s Basketball team.

2010-11: fifth in the Horizon League

2011-12: eighth in the Horizon League

2012-13: third in the Horizon League

2013-14: third in the Horizon League

2014-15: eighth in the Horizon League

2015-16: second in the Horizon League

2016-17: fifth in the Horizon League

2017-18: second in the Horizon League

2018-19: first in the Horizon League

“Interview with WSU President David Hopkins: A look at our university and what’s to come,” 2014

Wright State has seen several different presidents and administrative changes throughout the decade. This article discusses the various plans and projects that were put in action to maintain affordability, quality of education, growth on campus, branding and accessibility.

“Price of gas plummets in the United States,” 2015

The decade saw a drastic rise in gas prices and then a drop in prices.

“WSU Board of Trustees chairman facing possible felony charge,” 2016

This article details the story of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the time, Michael Bridges, participating in a vote which in turn lead to the hiring of his son, David Bridges, for a university position. Violation the state nepotism laws is considered a fourth-degree felony.

“Cheryl Schrader named Wright State University’s next president,” 2017

Wright State has seen many administrative changes and is about to see another as Susan Edwards will be taking the position of president in January.

“Faculty Union expected to file 10-day strike notice,” 2019

2019 saw a faculty strike that made history in Ohio. For almost two years leading up to this, WSU-AAUP and Wright State Administration had been struggling to agree on contract negotiations. Starting in 2016, Wright State had been dealing with a financial crisis regarding a $30 million structural budget deficit. The strike lasted 20 days and left some students with no professors in the classroom.

“New president of Wright State named,” 2019

Our new and current President Susan Edwards was named in 2019. Edwards was the executive vice president for academic affairs and provost of Wright State before being named as the new president.

WSU has experienced many changes throughout the decade. The university will continue to evolve and change in 2020 and the next decade.