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Hit or Miss: Where to eat on campus

Not everyone at WSU has the liberty to run off campus for lunch. However, there are tried and true campus dining options to go for, or avoid if you are looking for a good meal.


If you’re on campus and want to treat yo self, I would recommend going to the Denny’s. However, this is only to be done on your off days. If you order, expect to wait a long time before you get you will get your hands on a burger. I really enjoy the Chipotle Bacon Burger and the Bacon Cheddar Tots with ranch on the side has melted its way into my heart: and arteries.

If you are starving and need to run to class quickly, swing through the Hangar and buy either of the Pizza Hut pastas. They’re ready-made and conveniently packaged in a box that make it perfect to grab and go. The pastas come in Chicken Alfredo and Meaty Marinara. Its one of the most consistent food options on campus.

Hungry for Mexican food? You can get a burrito, burrito bowl, and nachos at Zona in the Hangar. It acts like a Chipotle, where you choose from beans, rice, and other vegetables and toppings, as well as a meat or veggie base. The meats include chicken, beef, and a rotating carnitas and barbacoa option.


If you want pasta, you are better off sticking to the hangar. Pasta at the Union Market is not worth the money for a watery, bland meal. It comes with a breadstick, whereas the Pizza Hut pasta you have to buy breadsticks separate, but when the choice is between quality and quantity, quality should win out.

Pizza, too, is better from the Hangar than the Union Market. It might seem like one of the better options, but pizza from the market is so greasy, you could break out just by looking at it. Pad it with all the napkins you want, you still have to deal with the taste. If you are looking for something quick to eat at the Union Market, you are better off trying the chicken tenders.

Pizza Hut in the Hangar doesn’t do everything right. Do not buy the wings from Pizza Hut, or else you will be disappointed with what you get. You might get enough to feed you for an hour. But the price is sure to cause an upset.

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