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Hopkins backs out of commencement ceremony duties

Former WSU president David Hopkins said he would preside over the university’s graduation ceremony when he issued his resignation. However, according to Board of Trustees chairman Michael Bridges, that is no longer the case.

Hopkins will no longer preside over the commencement ceremony, a role provost Tom Sudkamp will manage in his stead. Bridges revealed that Hopkins contacted him after the ArtsGala to explain that after speaking with faculty members, he would no longer be able to attend the end-of-year ceremonies.

“Commencement is first and foremost a celebration of the graduating students’ accomplishment,” current Faculty President Carol Loranger stated. “Faculty, staff, administration, and trustees come together collectively to honor our students, and the focus should be entirely on the students. As such, the only truly indispensable individuals present at any commencement are the students themselves and their family and friends in the audience.”

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