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 ‘Kids Can’t Wait’: Raiderthon 2024 Raises Over $50,000 

Raiderthon Reveal | Photo by Alexis Lewis | The Wright State Guardian

On March 23, Wright State’s Miracle Makers commenced their biggest event of the year with Raiderthon, raising money for Dayton Children’s Hospital for the eleventh year in a row. The all-day dance marathon included raffles, a silent disco and more.

Miracle Makers

The event would not have been possible without Miracle Makers, who prepare for Raiderthon all year around. The organization boasts 15 active members. 

Ashley Greene, a junior majoring in Organizational Leadership, is the president of WSU’s Miracle Makers.

“Miracle Makers is a nonprofit organization that raises money and awareness for Dayton Children’s Hospital,” Greene said. “It’s pretty cool to hold up those numbers and see how much we raise throughout the entire year.”

Greene says Miracle Makers’ phrase this year is “One Campus, One Cause,” because Miracle Makers attract members from all areas of campus life.

Executive team leaders frequently meet to delegate roles and organize Raiderthon.

Other roles, such as “Morale Captains,” choreograph the seven-minute long dance to a medley of popular songs. The dance is progressively taught to Raiderthon attendees throughout the night.

Junior physiology and neuroscience major Ian Pabon is a Morale Captain.

“I think Raiderthon is important because it reminds people that it’s important why we raise money, and why we donate money to the hospital because we don’t really know when we donate who it’s going through, and seeing those Miracle Kids in-person really gives you a broader perspective of why we’re donating,” Pabon said.

Vice President of Relations Hailey Abell echoes a similar sentiment, having personal experience with children’s hospitals, which is why Abell joined Miracle Makers.

“People know that there’s kids in the hospital, but they don’t think about it on a day-to-day basis,” Abell said.


A green and gold inflatable tubeman greeted attendees entering through the Student Union. Upon entering the doors, attendees would turn right to a collection of conference-rooms-turned-dance-floors and Raiderthon event spaces. 

Sponsors for Raiderthon included Walmart, Sam’s Club, Will Krueger Memorial Scramble, Marion’s Pizza,, Student Legal Services and WWSU 106.9FM. 

Upon the registration check conducted by Miracle Makers members, those registered on a team, often a student organization, received draw-string bags with their team color and a hospital bracelet to be cut at the end of the night, representing the children at Dayton Children’s Hospital. 28 teams registered.

Miracle Makers members prepared the event early that morning and late the night before. Basic registration included event access, a Raiderthon t-shirt, meals and snacks.

While not learning a dance in the Apollo Room with Miracle Makers “Morale Captains,” attendees could peruse the raffle room and buy tickets, learn more about Miracle Makers’ mission and gorge on provided food.

Food included spaghetti, chips, pizza, fruit snacks, granola bars and more. All food was included in the registration price.

Raffle tickets cost approximately $1 each, becoming more discounted the more one buys. Raffle prizes include four Cincinnati Zoo tickets, baking kits, gift cards, a WSU-themed quilt and more.

The “Mission Room” included information describing the mission of Dayton Children’s Hospital and describing where the Raiderthon funding would be going to. Attendees could write on a poster asking “Why do you dance for kids’ health?” or write a card for the nurses, doctors and other staff members at Dayton Children’s. They could also do art therapy with “Beads of Courage” to honor a child’s story of courage.

Posters around the room described where the fundraising will go, including a new Dayton Children’s mental health building. 

“This facility will double the number of inpatient beds and increase mental health services and resources throughout the community,” the poster read. 


As midnight approached, attendees gathered to see the final amount raised. Miracle Makers members slowly lifted poster boards to show the final number. In total, Raiderthon participants raised $50,128.

Raiderthon will return in 2025.

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