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Netflix Review: Homecoming: A film By Beyoncé

Homecoming: A film By Beyoncé / Photo by Getty Images
Homecoming: A film By Beyoncé / Photo by Getty Images
Homecoming: A film By Beyoncé / Photo by Getty Images

If you didn’t have the chance to experience Beychella in all its glory, now you can.

Approximately a year ago, accompanied by over 100 dancers, singers, a full orchestra and a spectacular stage setup, Beyoncé took over Coachella Valley.

The performance was watched by 43 million people and live-streamed by millions more. Just like anything Beyoncé does, this performance has already become one of the most definitive pop culture events.

This documentary doesn’t just cover the musical aspect of Beychella, but every single drop of sweat that went into crafting it.

Having written, directed and produced the documentary, Beyoncé lets the curtains fall to show all the hard work behind Beychella. And you’re reminded that Beyoncé’s legacy is the result of years of perseverance.

Most of the documentary is taken up by the performance and Beyoncé’s thoughts are revealed through voice overs. It’s an interesting choice, because while we hear her speak about her vulnerabilities, she’s still given a modicum of privacy.


Another part of the documentary which stuck out was how she was humanized. As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to keep Beyoncé on a pedestal.

As an artist who has always appeared to be composed and confident, hearing her speak about body image issues was a shock, but in a good way. The rawness of her emotions only added to the documentary.

It feels like the film was made to focus on the performance and not completely on the struggles. Usually, a concert film would delve into behind-the-scenes incidents and give you glimpses of the performance. Not “Homecoming,” though.

Beyoncé’s motivations are clear enough: she wanted to celebrate black culture and their artistry. And celebrate she did.

Through all the difficulties she faced, mainly personal, she is determined to make the world see the beauty of black culture.

“Homecoming” is a must-watch film. If nothing else, you get to see a great performance