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Organization Spotlight: Lupi

Lupi | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Many colleges have secret societies; one of those colleges happens to be Wright State University.

Have you ever wondered who makes those cup signs in the fence of Lot 6 or who the masked people are at some of the campus events?

The Ut Ex Lupi Ignotum organization, also known as Lupi, is Wright State’s secret organization whose goal is to enhance community and morale on campus.

“Ut Ex Lupi Ignotum means the Order of the Unknown Wolves. It was started by passionate students on campus that wanted to create new traditions and add a secrecy to Wright State’s campus as a whole,” said an anonymous member of Lupi.

What sets Lupi apart from any other organization is the anonymity of its members and their spirit initiatives.

“The decision to remain anonymous was to take the focus off of ourselves. We don’t want to be known or acknowledged for what we do. We simply want to promote school spirit,” said the member.

By staying anonymous, the focus is more on what they do to represent Wright State rather than specific individuals in the organization.

“Our goal is to promote school spirit. We want students to see us, see the masks and hopefully get more excited about attending WSU events and taking pride in our school,” said a member.

Apart from working in the shadows, Lupi is known for a specific spirit initiative that students most likely see without realizing who is behind the act.

“One of our most popular things that we do is leave sayings on the fence between Rike/Student Success and the Dog Park. Whether it is an event we are going to be at or just a hint, that is our biggest way of communication with campus,” said a member.

Sometimes when Lupi attends an event to promote something, new and/or unaware students are surprised at their masked, wolf-like appearance.

“We hope that students are not scared by the attire, but know that when Lupi shows up at an event, it is important. We hope Lupi gives them a sense of pride, makes them feel like they belong here and encourages them to have more school spirit,” said a member.

Secrecy is their favorite aspect of being a part of such a fascinating and mysterious organization.

“It’s so much fun to walk past friends, look you straight in the face and have absolutely no clue that it’s us,” said the member.

Keep up with Lupi and their spirit initiatives on Twitter and Instagram @wrightstatelupi and look for them at future events on campus. You’ll never know who is under the masks

Shaddia Qasem

Former Wright Life Editor

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