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SGA responds to Fact Finder report

On Monday, Oct. 29 the Fact Finder, an impartial third party reviewing all unresolved issues – including retrenchment, workload, healthcare, furloughs, summer teaching rights and raises released their report.

The report showed out of these articles, six were in favor of the administration’s proposals and one was in favor of the American Association of University Professors of Wright State.

The AAUP- WSU has encouraged its members to reject the report during the voting process which begins today and goes through Nov. 7.

From there, if the AAUP vote to reject and motion to strike it would require a 10-day notice. The possible strike date is set for Nov. 19.

During this time, those within the university with bachelors degrees or higher will step in and coordinate the rest of classes until the strike ends.

Members of administration, such as President Cheryl Schrader and Provost Susan Edwards, along with alumni and many others would step into the classrooms to resume courses.

Those that are employed as adjuncts will continue to teach courses as usual.

The Student Government President Daniel Palmer sent out a campus-wide email in response to the release of the report.

“I call upon both parties to resolve this contract dispute in a timely manner and in a way that does not affect the ability of students to learn. Students must be kept out of this dispute,” Palmer said.

Both of the parties must have three-fifths of their membership vote to reject the report.

Even if the report is rejected a strike may not occur.

There is still processes and negotiations that take place throughout the time frame where an agreement can be reached between parties.

“Our job as The Student Government Association is to always be available to hear your questions, comments, or concerns,” Palmer said.

The Student Government Association has created a list of frequently asked questions for those in the community. They will be posted to their website at

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