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SGA: Upcoming Elections and Program Cuts

SGA | Photo by Bethany Althauser | The Wright State Guardian

The Student Government Association met on Feb. 20 for its last weekly meeting of the A-term. 

Upcoming elections

SGA President Stephanie Buettner discussed that elections will be happening sometime after spring break for the upcoming SGA term.

Petitions open after spring break and are open for two weeks. The Special Elections Committee then gives candidates Instagram accounts to campaign from. After one week of campaigning, SGA holds elections. Winners are announced the night after elections close, Buettner explained. 

“If anyone has an interest in serving on the SEC, we would love to have candidates reach out to me or Ryan Diaz,” Buettner said. 

Program cuts

Daniel Palmer, government affairs specialist, discussed the 34 academic programs that are being cut at WSU. He explained that 22 of these programs have already started this process. 

“All in all, I would say it’s actually positive news because it means the university is reinvesting in other programs and focusing on what’s being demanded by students, and it’s hard to say there’s an extreme demand with 55 students in 34 programs,” Palmer said.

Rowdy bobblehead award

Cade Mason, Engineering and Computer Science senator, had the Rowdy Bobblehead Award this past week. 

“I’d like to give the Rowdy Bobblehead Award to somebody who does a lot throughout every week and is always kicking butt,” Mason said. 

Mason passed the Award to SGA President Stephanie Buettner, who thanked him.

SGA will not meet next week due to spring break, but they will meet the following Tuesday, March 5, at 8 p.m. in the Student Union Atlantis A/B Room.

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