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Springfield Train Derailment Poses No Environmental Risk, Elicits State Response

Train Tracks | Photo by Isaac Warnecke | The Wright State Guardian

Another Norfolk Southern train derailed in Ohio, this time in Springfield. Here’s what to know about the incident.  

What happened 

On March 4, a Norfolk Southern train derailed in Springfield, Ohio. The day after this occurred, officials spoke in a press conference in Springfield at the Clark County Fairgrounds. 

Unlike the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine, this train was not carrying any chemical or hazardous material, according to Anne Vogel, the Ohio EPA director. Therefore, there are no environmental impacts on the soil, air or water. 

On March 4, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown issued a statement on the train derailment. 

“Sandusky, Steubenville, East Palestine and now Springfield—four Norfolk Southern derailments in less than five months because this corporation has been more concerned with its profit margin than with Ohioans’ safety,” Brown said. “Ohio communities should not be forced to live in fear of another disaster.” 

Moving forward

Due to a large amount of worry regarding another Norfolk Southern train derailment in the state, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released a statement announcing work with the corporation to train first responders on how to respond safely to derailment incidents. 

Governor DeWine and Norfolk Southern Corporation are going to expand firefighter training and increase the Operation Awareness & Response (OAR) program, according to DeWine. 

“The new safety training center’s mission will be focused on providing additional, free training for first responders across the region, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This effort will also strengthen coordination between railroads and first responders in the event of an emergency response,” DeWine said. 

Training will begin on March 22 at the Norfolk Southern Moorman Yard in Bellevue, Ohio. 

Elayna Storts

Wright Life Reporter

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