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Wright Through My Eyes: JeDawn Wilson

Jedawn Wilson

Jedawn Wilson | Photo by Caitlin Shatsby | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) student JeDawn Wilson strives to be culturally engaged on campus and is inspired by creative expression. 

Campus involvement & cultural interests 

Wilson grew up in the Dayton area and chose to attend WSU because of its convenient location and illustrious film program. Despite staying near home, she credits her campus involvement for promoting her college experience. 

She is involved with many clubs at WSU including Advocates for Cultural Diversity and Excellence (ACE), Chinese Club, Spanish Club, Astronomy Club, Asian Students Association (ASA) and The CJ McGlin Scholars Association. She is also the Treasurer of the Korean Club. 

Her passion for learning new languages, foods and traditions also shows in the organizations that she joins. In addition, she is gaining leadership experience through her participation as Treasurer for Korean Club and through advocacy work she does in ACE. 

“When joining a club it’s important to me to make sure I choose a club that feels welcoming and is willing to accept people from different cultural backgrounds, and also that I can make long-lasting friendships,” Wilson said. 

Inspired by creativity

As a film student, Wilson is inspired when she escapes into the fictional world of movies. 

“My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy because they take you out of our reality and they also place you in unlikely scenarios. Science fiction combines a bit of reality with fiction and usually seem to be scenarios that could happen, and fantasy brings you into a world of mythical creatures. It’s like your dream world has come to life,” Wilson said. 

Wilson also cites writing as being a lifelong passion that began at a young age and continues as she pursues her degree. This drive for innovation and imaginative activities prompted Wilson to major in film at WSU so that she can become a screenwriter upon graduation. 

“I originally started writing in the third grade. I remember when I was younger I used to write everywhere I went or type stories on an app named Jotterpad. When I was in middle school I would collaborate with a friend and we’d always come up with the most thrilling stories,” Wilson said. 

Using her creative skills and passion for film, Wilson is curating a Korean Film activity for the Korean Club and assisting with a podcast for ACE. 

Wilson’s artistic tendencies and innovative perspective sets her apart from other student leaders and makes a profound difference in student involvement at WSU.

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