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WSU Trying to Keep up Amid Surge in Demand for COVID Tests

COVID Testing Shortage

COVID Testing Shortage | Photo by Qusai Takuri | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) reports it is keeping up with COVID-19 testing demands despite national and local test shortages. 

Local shortages

Local pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens now require appointments when scheduling a COVID test, according to their website. 

CVS lists on their COVID test scheduling tool that appointments are limited due to the nationwide increase in demand for COVID tests.

Walgreens has few appointments available in most of their pharmacies around the Dayton campus. 

WSU’s testing

Dean of Students Chris Taylor stated that WSU ran out of tests on Thursday, the first week of the spring semester.

The WSU community had a large increase in demand for COVID tests upon the first few days of school, but the testing center has been able to keep up with demand since, according to Taylor.

“We receive 500 tests per week from the Ohio Department of Health [ODH],”  Taylor said.

Taylor also stated that the COVID task force has tried but has been unsuccessful in getting a private supplier for COVID tests. 

WSU also wants to allow students to use their Wright1 card at a vending machine next to the COVID test center that would dispense a free COVID test if the center is not open, according to Taylor. 

Other universities’ shortages

Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center said in its COVID test scheduling tool that its emergency department is only allowing COVID tests for those expected to be hospitalized due to their symptoms.

Other universities also have a limited test supply. Miami University discussed the national and local test shortage in a campus update on Jan. 12.

“We are aware of the shortage of at-home COVID tests, both locally and nationally and we are working with our partners at the state and TriHealth to acquire at-home tests for our community,” according to the update. 

The Wright State Guardian reached out to Bowling Green State University, but they did not provide a response.
Taylor also stated that students can check the COVID test center web page for test availability.

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