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Day: October 14, 2021

WSU Lake Campus hours and operations | Photograph by Shelby Prenger | The Wright State Guardian

Laker Leisure Still Restricted By COVID Precautions

WSU Lake Campus | Photo by Shelby Prenger | The Wright State Guardian The Lake Campus community has seen dramatic changes due to the pandemic over the past year and a half. Some restrictions are still in place, but many establishments are swinging back to normal. Brew Nation Makes Drastic Changes Brew Nation, a restaurant […]

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Guardian Gallery: Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day | Photos by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

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White Anvil Tattoo

Dayton’s Not Dead: White Anvil Tattoo

White Anvil Tattoo is a locally owned tattoo shop that promotes a liberating lifestyle for its artists while making a difference in the Dayton community.

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