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Day: April 18, 2023

BREAKING: April Craze Moved Indoors

One of Wright State University’s biggest student-led events, April Craze gets moved to an indoor location due to anticipation of inclement weather.

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Dayton’s Not Dead: Leaguer Bakery

Traditional far-eastern bakeries are rare to come by in Ohio, with most located in larger cities, such as Columbus or Cincinnati; however, Leaguer Bakery in Fairborn is the place attracting customers of the Dayton area.

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Sikh Community Holds Vaisakhi Event to Promote Awareness and Diversity

On April 14, the Sikh community of Wright State University and Dayton came together to celebrate a harvest festival while increasing visibility through education about Sikhism.

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Raider Report V4,Episode 19: The Next Big Boss, Actual Serious Conversations, and A Bad Time for a Selfie

It's Week 14 of the semester, and Guardian Sports Reporter Noah Kindig tried to get fired again by having his other boss on the show! He's joined by Alexis Lewis, the future Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian, as well as Staff Videographer Isaac Warnecke. The Trio discuss the TikTok Hearing, the expulsion of two Tennessee lawmakers, […]

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