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419 Alive: Celina Psychic Advisor

419 Alive Psychic Advisor

Psychic Advisor | Photo by Kristina Shue | The Wright State Guardian

Decades in business have made the Celina Psychic Advisor at 102 N Lablond Street a local landmark. 

A natural gift 

Current resident psychic Nicole Gordon has been working as a psychic advisor for over 19 years, taking on the full-time business after the retirement of her mother, Rose, who now only sees long-standing established clients. 

Gordon says that her abilities are a gift from God that enables her to help people, her specialties being love and relationships. According to her website, she is clairvoyant, able to communicate with the spirit world and can sense one’s guardian angel. 

“I do consider myself God-gifted; I don’t push religion on any of my clients, but I don’t do anything like any type of Wicca,” Gordon said. 

Although she is a natural-born psychic, Gordon is also well educated in her field. She is a degree-holding certified life coach and is well-read in many topics including astrology, palmistry and aromatherapy.  

“I’m a firm believer in education; it can enhance you in any field that you’re in,” Gordon said. 

Services and pricing 

Gordon offers a variety of services including palm reading, tarot readings and medium readings, where she communicates with the spirit world and different ways to remove negative energy. 

Due to current social distancing measures, some services are available at a slightly reduced rate. The normal cost of a psychic reading is $60, $50 for a tarot spread, $40 for a palm reading and $100 for a combination reading. Prices are per session, which do not have a specific time limit. 

“I do a special which is a combination reading, which is a variation without a full tarot spread, all three readings for $100, which is our most popular reading. Everybody kind of wants to experience a little bit of everything and wants to get familiarized with what tarot cards and things are, know what a palm reading is, and a psychic reading is. They all have different ways about them,” Gordon said. 

419 Psychic Advisor
Psychic Advisor | Photo by Kristina Shue | The Wright State Guardian

According to Gordon, many people seek her out for regular appointments, and that in her 19 years she has never had a dissatisfied customer. 

Due to her unique spectrum of talents, Gordon considers herself to be in a different category than many others in her field. 

“I do put myself in a different category than other readers, and the word [psychic] I think at times is tainted. I do really care about the people that I help. There’s no problem too big or too small,” Gordon said. 

Updates to Celina location

Gordon operates her business out of multiple locations in the area but has plans to make updates to the Celina location. Many may have noticed the new signage and new phone number, but more changes are in the works. 

“I’m starting to re-vamp [the Celina location]. I have amazing products and stuff that I sell, a lot of holistic treatment, candles, crystals–a lot of gifts. We’re going to be more of a psychic shop,” Gordon said. 

Student perception

Although Gordon is a staple for some in the area, others such as sophomore nursing major Gwyn Elking are hesitant towards her services. 

“I would be against it because I know that it does not correlate with my religious views,” Elking said. 

Sophomore nursing major Sara Meier also commented that to her the idea of a psychic reading seems “creepy.”

Find out more

Although Gordon does not currently operate much social media for her business, she plans to create Instagram and TikTok accounts by the end of the year. 

To find out more or to book an appointment, visit Gordon’s website.

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