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419 Alive: Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures | Photo by Roxanne Roessner

Hidden Treasures | Photo by Roxanne Roessner

Hidden Treasures will celebrate its 24-year anniversary in June at 221 West Main Street, Coldwater, Ohio. The consignment shop is owned by Diane Stromblad, a Coldwater native who has 4,700 members who have helped make the business what it is today.  

After returning to Ohio, Stromblad decided to open a shop on Coldwater’s Main Street. After four years of the business growing, Stromblad had to move locations to where Hidden Treasures is now.  

“It’s been 24 years. You know, 24 years is a long time and I know that other places like mine don’t last that long. It’s all because I make sure to have quality items and that I split the profit with people who brought in clothes,” Stromblad said. 

When members bring in clothing or other items to the shop, they are assigned a specific number that correlates to their items. Once that item sells, they receive part of the profit. Instead of donating clothes to places like Goodwill, members of Hidden Treasures can make money which motivates them to continue bringing in quality items. 

Quality in action 

Wright State University (WSU) senior Trinity Rammel has been going to Hidden Treasures with her family for as long as she can remember and has recently joined as a member. 

“I would sell my clothes on my Facebook page every once in a while, but I didn’t like giving my address to random people. Hidden Treasures will take your used clothes, they will take 60% for the profit and you get the other 40%. So, this makes it easy to get rid of clothes you no longer wear that are still in good condition,” Rammel said.  

Stromblad prides herself on the condition of the items she allows in her consignment shop. Hidden Treasures only accepts items that are less than three years old that are still in good condition.  

While some items come in with their tags still, others may have minor issues. Stromblad will still take these items and sell them at a discounted rate.  

“Clothes like sweats and athleticwear are always a hot item, I’d say they’re our best sellers actually,” Stromblad said.  

According to Coldwater local Shannon Woeste, Hidden Treasures always has something new to find, especially when you are looking for good clothes for a low cost.  

The coronavirus impact 

According to Stromblad, the coronavirus pandemic hit the business hard. Hidden Treasures does its best financially when the seasons change and people are needing clothes to fit. 

Once the coronavirus shut down Hidden Treasures, it was a struggle for it to continue going forward.  

“People weren’t going places. We didn’t have ballgames to attend, we didn’t go out to eat or even to fancy events. No one needed new clothes,” Stromblad said. 

However, Stromblad’s business continues to provide the 419 area with quality second-hand items and employees that Stromblad is proud of.  

People interested in Hidden Treasures can find it on Facebook where they post updates on their deals and upcoming items for sale.

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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