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A Student’s Guide to the Midterm Elections

Ballot Box | Graphic by Emily Lewis | The Wright State Guardian

As the 2022 midterm season approaches, here’s an ultimate guide to voting in Ohio.

Midterm Election

During the Ohio midterm elections, held Nov. 8 2022, voters will decide on a number of elected positions and both state and local issues. 

Christine Corba, Executive Director of the Dayton Area League of Women Voters, expressed concern about voter turn-out in midterm elections. 

“A lot of folks just don’t understand how important the midterms are,” Corba said. 

According to statistics from the Ohio Secretary of State, 73.99% of registered voters cast a ballot in the 2020 general election, while only 55.72% did so in the 2018 midterm.

While many people may feel like their vote does not matter, Corba also stressed the importance of voting

 “Your vote is your voice,” Corba said. 

What’s on the Ballot?

Throughout the state, voters will elect the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and a United States Senator as well as decide on issues such as bail reform. Individual districts will present different issues and candidates. 

Information about the issues on the ballot this November can be found through the Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose. Available through the official webpage, the state publishes sample ballots for both parties in all 88 Ohio counties. 

Corba encourages voters to do their research and vote for candidates and issues that align with their beliefs. Voters can do research by finding candidates’ webpages and social media sites, attending forums and utilizing voter guides. 

How to Vote

In order to vote, students must be registered with updated personal information. Registration information can be found through LaRose’s office.

The deadline for voter registration for the midterm election is Oct. 11, according to the Greene County Board of Elections. 

On Nov. 8, polls will open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Upon arriving at the polls, voters are required to show a valid identification card and request a party ballot. 

Voters unable to access a polling location on election day can request an absentee ballot. The Board of Elections must receive applications before Nov. 5 and ballots before polls close on election day. Mailed ballots must be postmarked no later than Nov. 7. 

Students can also get involved in the political process by becoming a poll worker on election day, supporting a candidate or joining an organization. Wright State University offers student organizations on both sides of the political aisle: College Republicans and Left of Center. 

College Republicans President Blake Bailey declined to comment on student involvement and the midterm election. 

Left of Center President Mason Knickerbocker was unavailable for comment. 

Angela Davis

Contributing News Writer