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Create a Time Capsule for Graduation in 9 Simple Steps

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Graduation season is upon us, so it is a perfect time for students to remember the time at Wright State University with a time capsule of 2023.

Step 1: Check for other time capsules

Did you already make a time capsule from high school graduation or your eighth grade class? Check to make sure there are no other time capsules that need opening before creating a graduation time capsule. If you are not quite ready to open up other time capsules yet, check to make sure they are not damaged and you know where they are located.

Step 2: Write a letter to yourself

What would you say to yourself in two, five or ten years? Even in a short period of time, individuals can grow and change a lot. Reflect on current experience, hopes for the future, advice from your younger self, emotional well-being, professional career, current short-term goals and thoughts on current local and national events.

Step 3: Include graduation memorabilia

If you have been to any WSU event or orientation, you have some kind of WSU-themed item somewhere. In addition to or instead of this, add trinkets that bring fond memories of times at WSU. This can be game tickets, stickers, graduation tassels, an art project, old class assignments, magazines and more.

Step 4: Write down what you learned at WSU

Much like the classes you took, it can be hard to remember personal lessons as well. Create a list of the positive lessons as well as the negative ones in order to learn from time at WSU. This can be words of wisdom from professors, how you made friends, what you think about your major and more.

Step 5: Insert pictures

Print out physical photos from your college experience. Having physical versions with the time and date written on the back can help with rummaging through a phone for these happy memories later. Include on-campus and off-campus events and occasions. Insert a picture from your favorite sports game, club or event.

Step 6: Make a playlist from 2023

Whether it is Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” or a favorite K-pop group’s newest comeback, compose a playlist of songs that you have been putting on repeat. Your future self will be thankful for reminding them of the song that they loved long ago. For extra points, write down songs you dislike from this era and why you loved certain ones.

Step 7: Ask others to add items

Your parents, friends or relatives may have their own items they want to put in a time capsule. Keep the focus strictly on yourself, but ask if they would like anything in the capsule from them. This can include letters from them, a memento from a night out or items from your graduation party.

Step 8: Put items in tough, water-proof container

Time capsules are best stored in a clean, dry and accessible location, but when burying a time capsule, make sure it is in a tough container. Examples include a paint can, a stone box or a personally designed capsule from a craft platform, such as Regardless of burial or not, write down both physically and online where the location is.

Step 9: Tell individuals you are close to and set an open date

After family members and friends have put in their desired items, tell them the location where you will keep the capsule and the open date to create extra security that it is not forgotten. The open date is up to you. If you are going on to graduate school, consider the date of graduate school graduation. If not, try setting a memorable date of five, ten or even twenty years from now. 

Happy creating!

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