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Dayton’s Not Dead: Twist Cupcakery

Twist Cupcakery | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Twist Cupcakery | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Twist Cupcakery started when Kate Rivers began baking from home. After creating a delicious dessert spread for her daughter’s first birthday, friends and family realized Rivers’ talent.

According to Twist Cupcakery’s webpage, Rivers began taking orders originally as Alexandria’s Creations, named after her youngest daughter.

Rivers baked from her home kitchen for a few years all while working as a full-time engineer. It was 2015 when the bakery was renamed Twist Cupcakery and the storefront was opened in Dayton.

“I knew that opening up a business, this was the only place I wanted to be. I see the potential that’s there and we knew it would be a great place to start,” said Rivers. “It’s on the upswing and a couple of years down the line it would become a premier location, and it’s starting to be that.”

Twist Cupcakery’s residency started as a temporary arrangement. Rivers leased the building through Activated Spaces’ Pop-Up Project.

According to the Activated Spaces webpage, it is a project that encourages business owners to lease vacant storefront spaces for a short amount of time for flexibility of the tenant. Rivers’ lease originally was for six months and she has now been in the same location for four and a half years.

“We’re excited to live in the community we work in. It’s nice to see people out and about,” said Rivers.

Rivers has personally encountered past clients that she recognizes while running errands due to the close proximity of her business to her home life.

Twist Cupcakery has a daily rotating menu. According to the webpage, there are six-to-nine different flavors rotated through each day. Rivers also accepts orders with a notice of at least three days in advance.

“I’m not a one-person team. There are a few of us that run the business but I do a good amount of the decorating,” said Rivers. “Anything we post would be designs that we have done.”

While it could potentially be difficult to keep up with, Rivers enjoys finding inspiration for her rotating menu.

“It allows me to be creative. Right now I’m strolling through the grocery store and I see they’ve got holiday Oreos, so we’ll have something holiday Oreo-themed,” said Rivers. “Expression comes from everywhere.”

They have also partnered with delivery service DoorDash.

“When they came into the area, they were looking to partner with different companies and they reached out to us. We came up with an agreement that works for us,” said Rivers.

Twist Cupcakery is located at 25 S. St. Clair St., Dayton, Ohio.

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