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Dean Taylor Answers Your Questions About New Vaccine Mandate

Wright State Dayton campus

Wright State Campus | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) implements the new COVID-19 vaccine mandate for university employees. Dean of Students, Chris Taylor answers questions regarding the new policy.  

Q: Why did WSU implement a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees?

A: “This is a federal mandate, that has to do with research institutions.”

Q: What happens if student employees refuse to become vaccinated against COVID-19?

A: “Outright refusal would probably mean they [could not] be a student employee anymore.”

Q: What is the process for university employees who refuse to comply with the new policy?

A: “ [We are] going to take an educational approach and, you know, have HR reach out to work with supervisors to begin a conversation about what’s going on, about the exemption process. And then anything beyond that, we use our existing progressive, disciplinary process.”

Q: What happens if university employees refuse to receive a COVID-19 vaccine? 

A: “[Employees must] do one of those two things, upload your vaccination information or have a university-approved exemption. And so I think, yeah, that [non-compliance] could result in somebody not being able to work here [WSU].”

Q:  What if WSU does not comply with the federal mandate that prompted the WSU policy change?

A: “I do know that any of that kind of guidance that, you know, that’s kind of the last step is taking away somebody’s [institutions] federal financial aid. There’s usually progressive discipline for institutions that don’t comply.”

More on campus-wide communication detailing policy change here. 

Jamie Naylor

News Reporter