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Five YouTube Channels That Are Good for Your Health

YouTube | Piqsels

Everyone is chronically online these days, so using that for self-help is a great idea. 

Scola Dondo

Scola has been making health and fitness videos for a decade since she was an early teen struggling with her weight. Over the past ten years, she has uploaded hundreds of videos not only discussing physical health, but also mental health, mindfulness and appreciating your self-worth no matter your situation.

You can find tips for healthy eating on a budget, dance workouts, talking about the very real disorder of binge eating and even testing beauty routines. Scola is open and welcoming to the audience and brings viewers compassionate and relatable advice.

Kati Morton

Kati Morton is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author of two mental health support books and a long-time YouTube presence. Kati has been putting out weekly videos since 2011 and now has hundreds of videos offering expert advice on a myriad of mental health issues and general life advice. 

Though she specializes in eating disorders, you can find playlists on her channel for bipolar, depression, anxiety and other disorders. She even has a playlist where she helps walk viewers through the process of deciding when and how to seek professional help. The kind yet realistic advice offered in her videos are aimed to help as many people as possible live with a healthy mind and healthy body. 


Sexplanations is the more mature version of all the sex ed you didn’t get in high school. Clinical sexologist Dr. Lindsay Doe walks viewers through the ins and outs of sexuality, from the proper names to body parts and their functions to tips for your first time, to negotiating romantic and sexual relationships, to the physical and psychological health benefits of self-pleasure. 

Sexplanations has been uploading content for the past eight years and is not afraid to tackle tough topics. Many guests have also appeared on the show to give a voice to marginalized groups such as intersex people, transgender people and sex workers. Doe enthusiastically delivers a wealth of information and always encourages her audience to “stay curious!” 

Dara Hoffman-Fox

Dara Hoffman-Fox is a licensed professional counselor, self-described gender therapist and author of a self-help book on discovering your gender identity. They have been creating YouTube videos for the queer community since 2014. They create content aimed at the mental wellbeing of the transgender community and consider themselves a trans elder, as they are non-binary. Although their videos are aimed at the queer community, their advice about self-discovery and self-worth can be useful for anyone. 

Good Mythical Morning 

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and Rhett and Link know how to bring on the laughs. Although Good Mythical Morning has been around since 2015, Rhett and Link have been creating comedy content on YouTube for much longer. They have published a book, created a YouTube Red series, briefly had a television series, have been featured on numerous talk shows, put out two musical albums and have multiple podcasts, so you’ll never run out of content.

Their daily show is full of games, jokes and most importantly, snacks. Rhett and Link have become well-known for their fun food taste tests and unique games and challenges, and present plenty of ideas for their audience to have their own fun.