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Laker Staff Spotlight: Tiffany Hamilton

Tiffany Hamilton | Photo Submitted by Tiffany Hamilton

Tiffany Hamilton is the Lake Campus Community Coordinator but plays many roles at the Lake Campus and in the Grand Lake communities. 

Hamilton fills many roles at Lake

Hamilton oversees all daily operations of campus housing, managing resident assistant employment, and student housing activities. Hamilton is passionate about her work within the campus community. 

“In my position, I get to have a lot more one-on-one relationships with students and I get to see them more on a personal level develop into adults. I see them from outside of the academic world a little bit; I see them more in their personal lives, and so that is the part that I enjoy […] College is supposed to encompass the whole life experience, and so I get to kind of participate in the part that’s not like classroom work,” Hamilton said.

More recently, Hamilton has also taken on the role of ODS Liaison for the Lake Campus, being the primary contact for any Lake students looking for Disability Services assistance and test proctoring.

As of this year, Hamilton has also taken on many student engagement responsibilities and oversees all student organizations. 

For the excellent fulfillment of her Lake Campus responsibilities, Hamilton received the Spirit of Service Award in 2021. 

History with Lake Campus

Hamilton, a native of Springfield, Ohio, began her Wright State Lake Campus career as a student, transferring to the Lake in 2016 in pursuit of an education in agriculture. 

“It was actually the agricultural program that attracted me to Lake Campus. Before that, before Lake Campus, I really wasn’t involved in much, and once I got up here, I just became more involved with the campus. The degree opportunity led me here, but also the environment,” Hamilton said. 

Hamilton graduated from the Lake Campus with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical and Applied Studies with a focus in Agriculture. As a student, Hamilton was a resident assistant her senior year but was quickly promoted. 

“Halfway through my senior year, I transitioned to a Senior RA position because my supervisor had resigned, and after that, after the academic school year was over, I transitioned into full-time staff,” Hamilton said. 

Personal interests

Although her professional life turned in a different direction, Hamilton has invested ample energy into agriculture projects. At her parents’ home in Springfield, she started a farmer’s market. Hamilton recalls telling her parents about her desire to get involved in the Lake agriculture program.

“My dad was like ‘well, we have five acres outback, why don’t you prove that you’re serious and do something with it?’ So he helped me plant 1,000 tomato plants and we had our little honesty box and we had our little vegetable stand that year. And from there, that’s where the business has gone, so now they have a farmer’s market,” Hamilton said. 

Her parents have since expanded the farmer’s market which has now become their primary source of income. 

In addition to agriculture, Hamilton is an active participant in the Buckeye Trail community. 

“I like to do a lot of hiking in the summer months and help maintain the trail and make sure that it’s safe for other hikers and bikers too,” Hamilton said. 

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