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Mental Health Task Force at Wright State University

Campus | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Leaders across a variety of departments at Wright State University have created a mental health task force to create and sponsor continued opportunities for mental health awareness. 

What is JED?

JED is a non-profit organization that two parents started in 2000 after the two lost a son, Jed, to suicide. From that point onward, the organization has worked to develop blueprints for suicide prevention while becoming a national leader in young adult mental health awareness in the process.

“We do this by equipping individuals, strengthening schools and mobilizing communities,” the organization’s website states. 

The organization now has a national program known as JED Campus, which has over 380 colleges and universities that is ever expanding. JED Campus offers a four-year commitment that promises hands-on program and policy guidance for partnering institutions.

Mental health task force at WSU

Provost Dr. Amy Thompson spoke about the goals that the mental health task force set in place at a Student Government Association meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022. 

Provost Thompson established the task force in early Oct. and then brought the matter before the student government. At the meeting, discussion about the task force beginning the transition process into a JED campus took place. 

“We are working on getting funding to become a JED campus,” Thompson said. 

Thompson made clear that the task force is in its beginning stages as the group is currently fleshing out goals.

According to Thompson, the mental health task force comprises a select group of leaders across a wide array of departments, ranging from student government leadership to faculty in social work and counseling to public safety officials.

“We’re all working together to address the issue of mental health on campus and to try to make sure that we have resources and preventions and that we are addressing that on this campus,” Thompson said.

Next steps

Thompson says that the mental health task force wants to do as much as possible to support students, faculty and staff on campus. 

“We have this innovative group that has come together to work on this issue for faculty, staff and students,” Thompson said. “This is something that we’re really trying to push to the forefront and create awareness.”

Counseling and Wellness Services are available at WSU with an office at 053 Student Union. Students, faculty, and staff who want to schedule an appointment can do so by calling 937-775-3407.

Trey Brown

News Editor