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Life Coaching program: What it can offer to students

Counseling and Wellness Services | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Counseling and Wellness Services | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Changes have been made to Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS) this year and the new Life Coaching program is at the top of the list of things students need to know about.

The CWS is in the process of adding more positions to give students more resources to find help.

The center also added a new program this year: the Life Coaching program. Life coaching can benefit all students, as it aims to guide them through challenging areas in their life. From time management to test-taking, the Life Coaching program can help students with any problems they may face.

“If you think of all the reasons someone could [visit us], we have those that [might need help living with a] mental disorder. But then we have a whole group of students who come in that don’t necessarily have mental disorder, they just want to improve,” said Dr. Robert Rando, director of CWS.

Because the program started this year, it is still in development.

One change Dr. Rando hopes to make this semester is adding a program manager. Hoping to be approved by October, the goal is to hire a program manager no later than January. The manager will determine what the program needs and develop it accordingly, train graduate students for the position and promote the program around campus.

With new resources, CWS employees want to add enough clinicians on staff to get rid of the waitlist. Implementing the Life Coaching program, which will be staffed by licensed clinicians who can transition from life coaching to therapy if needed, will allow students to be able to get the help and guidance they need almost immediately.

“Our goal by the end of this year, if we get the position [for a program manager] approved, is to not have a waitlist,” said Rando.

Students who feel like they are struggling in a certain area of their life or just need some extra guidance should utilize the Life Coaching program at CWS.