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Organization Spotlight: Rainbow Alliance

Organization Spotlight: Rainbow Alliance
Organization Spotlight: Rainbow Alliance
Organization Spotlight: Rainbow Alliance/ photo provided by Rachel Ebert


One of the best things about being in college is the possibilities and opportunities offered to students. Among the many great organizations on Wright State’s campus that support its members and gives them a place to be themselves is Rainbow Alliance.

“We are the biggest LGBT student organization on campus. Our goal is community and support as well as bringing everyone together and having a space where we can hang out and have fun and do things that benefit us,” said Rachel Ebert, president of Rainbow Alliance.

An important quality for any organization to have is the power of bringing people together through friendships, love and ambition. With its devoted members, Rainbow Alliance is a shining beacon for those that feel lost or alone.

“[We cherish] community, support and education. A lot of people come to our meetings wanting to learn about the community. I think we do a good job of having them leave with a broader sense of things they didn’t know before coming to us,” said Kearstyn Bowen, vice president of Rainbow Alliance.

Besides their popular and beloved event, Queer Prom, Rainbow Alliance will also be hosting their 17th Annual Drag Show on March 30 from 7:30-10:00 p.m. in the Apollo room with the goal of raising funds for their scholarship.

With 14 performers and two hosts, guests are guaranteed a night they won’t forget.

“Putting together [Queer] Prom and the turnout that we had was beyond incredible. We did it because a lot of queer kids in high school can’t go to prom as who they are or go with who they want. It’s kind of like a second chance. It was so needed in the community; I think that’s a huge accomplishment,” said Bowen.

If you are someone struggling to find your way and need a sense of belonging, you need a friend or just a friendly face, Rainbow Alliance welcomes new members with open arms.

“We’re all close. Even if you aren’t close with somebody else in the organization, if you see them in the hall, you’re still going to smile and say hi. Anywhere I go on campus I know I will see a friendly face. Our community is really strong,” said Ebert.

“A community like that can sound intimidating if you’re not part of it. What’s really cool and unique about our [organization] is that people are immediately taken in; you are part of our big group hug now. We’ll instantly want to get to know you,” said Bowen.

Keep up with Rainbow Alliance on their Facebook and Instagram as well as Engage and join them at their weekly meetings Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in the Atlantis room.

Shaddia Qasem

Former Wright Life Editor

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