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Safety and preparation for Festival of Flight:

Campus Police Vehicle. Photograph: Soham Parikh/The Guardian

Wright State University’s first Festival of Flight is due to take off on Oct. 5, with an expected 5,000 in attendance the local law enforcement is gearing up for a large scale attendance.

With any large event, specific safety measures must be taken to ensure that the festival will run smoothly. 

TRAFFIC: There will be limited parking at The Nutter Center lots, and no through traffic on Raider Road. 

Sgt. Ben Roman of Fairborn Police Department (FPD) ensures that the FPD and Wright State University Police Department (WSUPD) have a long history of working together. 

“The Fairborn Police Department is aware of the event however; the security and safety of patrons will be handled by Wright State University Police Department,” said Roman. 

As an on-campus event, WSUPD is equipped to handle security issues but has additional assistance on stand-by if need be.  

“We have well established mutual aid agreements. The Fairborn Police Department is always willing to assist with personnel and equipment when requested to aid in the safety of the students and faculty of Wright State University,” said Roman.

Chief of Police David Finnie ensures that there will be many police and security officers around the event.

“This allows patrons to see a police and security presence therefore; allowing a quick response if necessary, to any law enforcement and security issues,” said Finnie. 

Both Sgt. Roman and Chief Finnie suggest contacting police for suspicious behavior. 

“If you fall victim to criminal activity, notify the police immediately at 937-775-2111 or 911 from any campus phone. Be prepared to describe your observations to include where, what, when and who was involved,” said Finnie.

There will also be a first-aid station with a full staff to treat those who may need it.