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SGA Meetings Canceled Until Further Notice

The Student Government Association (SGA) was set to hold their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 22 and the new President, Vice President and senators would have begun their transition into power at this meeting.

However, due to outstanding appeals, the election results have been pushed back and the meeting canceled.  

A proper transition of power  

Current SGA President Ivan Mallett has called for all future meetings to be canceled until the new elected officials transition into power.  

“I have been made aware by the chair of the student elections committee that it is unlikely that we will be made aware of who our successors will be within a timeframe that would be conducive for transition meetings to occur and a proper transfer of power to take place,” said Mallett.  

Due to the outstanding appeals and the delayed election results, a proper transition of power during meetings will not be able to happen.  

The end of Mallett’s term  

Mallett’s term would have ended with the spring 2020 semester, but because of the coronavirus, his term was extended. Now that there has been an election, Mallett no longer has the official authority to act as SGA President.  

“I was elected to represent students for a one-year term. The COVID-19 pandemic created a circumstance in which it became necessary to delay the elections and had a byproduct of allowing me to continue to speak on behalf of students in regards to the universities response to the pandemic,” said Mallett.  

Students should not be concerned  

Mallett assures students that their voices will still be heard during this transition period.  

“While the election results are delayed, students should have confidence that this organization will continue to represent them and serve them regardless of when results are announced. My email is always open to hear student concerns and I will continue to speak on behalf of student interests until a transfer of power can occur,” said Mallett.  

Unless an urgent matter is presented, no SGA meetings will occur until the transfer process is complete.  

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor