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SGA Elections 2020

Coverage for campaigns, debate, and elections for spring 2020

Williams-York Win SGA Election

BREAKING: Williams–York win SGA Election

Editor’s Note: This story is developing and we will update as more information is available. The results of the 2020-2021 Student Government Association (SGA) election are in. While some positions are to be announced, the results were sent in a campus-wide communication email Friday afternoon. President: Darnell K. “Adrian” Williams Vice President: Joseph York Residential […]

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SGA Meetings Canceled Until Further Notice

SGA was set to hold their weekly meeting this Tuesday, Sept. 22 and the new positions would have began their transition into power.

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SGA Elections: Candidate Profiles

Before casting your ballot, check out who is running in the election, why they are running and what their platform is.

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SGA Elections: Candidates Announced

Campaigning for the Student Government Association (SGA) 2020 election begins today, Sept. 7, and the candidate list has been announced.

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SGA Holds Remote Petitioning For Upcoming Election

SGA’s election will be held in September and petitioning as well as some campaigning will take place remotely.

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Attend the Halloween Bash on October 30 Learn more