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Weekly Horoscopes | The Wright State Guardian

As March comes to an end and April is just around the corner, professors are starting to mention finals. Read here to discover how you deal with finals stress based on your zodiac sign.


Aries, the only way you deal with stress is to push on right through it. This is no different for your exams. Everyone knows not to bother you until the semester is over. 


Taurus, you are a carefree spirit most of the time and your exams don’t really stress you out that much. You study a little bit more than usual but you are just excited for the end of the semester. 


Gemini, you tend to deal with stress by doing everything in your power to distract yourself from what you are stressing about. In case of final exams… this doesn’t help your studying habits much.


Cancer, stressing is not something you normally do, but your finals approaching are kind of putting you on edge. You usually pull out your notes to study a bit and this puts your mind at ease.


Leo, exam time is your least favorite time of year. You care about your grades and this makes exams extremely stressful. Even though you have been studying all semester, you still take the last few weeks before the end of semester to cram, and you may be a bit of a mess because of it.


Virgo, you don’t really handle stress well, so you can usually be found having a mental breakdown in a dark corner sometime during finals’ week. Best of luck to you. 


Libra, finals’ stress in the worst kind of stress, and the only way you deal with stress is eating. Snacks snacks and more snacks. You empty the house of all food during exam week. 


Scorpio, exams do tend to stress you out, but you are smart enough to not save all of the studying for the week before. You calm yourself down during exam week by studying in small increments and setting time aside for self care. 


Sagittarius, others know to watch out for you during finals’ week. Unfortunately, when you get stressed out, you tend to take it out on others. This time, take a deep breath and remember that failing an exam is not the end of the world.. Or is it?


Capricorn, do you even exist during finals’ week? You always have your head in a book and no one can ever find you because you are always studying. But that is ok because studying and feeling prepared helps to ease your stress of exams.


Aquarius, you typically deal with stress by talking about it nonstop. Your friends get tired of you talking about how stressed out you are and how you are going to deal with it, but in the end they are glad to be your support and help you get through your exams.


Pisces, you don’t really care about your exams and you usually do pretty well anyways so finals’ stress is not something you have ever had to worry about. You walk in to take your exams with a cool head and maybe that is why you always do so well.