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What is the New Student Retention Group at WSU?

Student Retention | Graphic by Dylan Collison | The Wright State Guardian

During a public forum held on Feb. 4, Wright State University (WSU) President Sue Edwards announced the formation of a new Student Retention Group.

This group, still in development and has yet to be officially named, was an idea by President Edwards to help increase student retention and recruitment. This group is separate from the already established Office of Retention on campus. 

“It is a faculty and staff working group reviewing student-related policies and procedures. They will be working in conjunction with many Wright State constituents as they move forward,” WSU’s communication director said in a released statement on this group.  

Reasons for forming the group 

Retention and Enrollment numbers for WSU have been steadily dropping since Fall 2019, the global pandemic did not aid in stopping this drop.  

It is President Edwards, along with the WSU administration’s goal, of raising these numbers. They are hoping that this group will give additional services to struggling students and look into policies that need revision.  

It is still unclear how this group will be different from the current student services offered, and just what services will be provided. 

Jamie Naylor


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