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Wright State and Wright-Patterson AFB Collaboration Creates Opportunities for Raiders

The Base and WSU | Graphic by Abigail Abbott | The Wright State Guardian

The strong connection between Wright State University and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has harbored a great relationship between the base and the school, creating many opportunities for students for generations.

Abridged Wright State history

Robert S. Oelman and Stanley Allyn first broke ground on campus in 1963. The university started small and then grew exponentially over time, eventually gaining independent status in 1967, according to the Wright State website

WSU grew into the institution it is now and still supports the base that gave Oelman and Allyn the land to begin with.

Working with the base

The partnership between WPAFB and WSU is still something that is harbored and respected. As recently as this year, WSU has worked with the base to provide new job opportunities for students. 

WSU President Dr. Sue Edwards explained that this partnership was made with the community in mind.

“We have set up job and internship fairs with the base. We have representatives coming to meet students. The goal is [for] every junior to have a job lined up for after they graduate,” Edwards said.

According to Edwards, WPAFB is one of the largest employers in the area, and with Wright State’s partnership, it leaves more opportunities for Raider graduates.

“The way Wright State is set up, every single degree pathway that is available has a job that requires it in the base,” Edwards said. 

Detachment 643

These efforts have been seen as positive overall in the student population. WSU has an Air Force ROTC program that works fairly closely with the base.

Detachment 643 works with several surrounding schools, including the University of Dayton, Cedarville University, Clark State and more. 

“I’ve heard people say good things about the [Air Force ROTC] program,” Riley Bergman, a History major and member of the Army ROTC program, said. 

Bergman is in the Army ROTC program on campus but has several friends who have sung praises for the Air Force program.

Jacob Weslowski is an Information Technology and Cybersecurity major and a member of the Detachment 643 Air Force ROTC. He is currently ranked as a Cadet Fourth Class and has positive things to say about the program.

“It’s an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s not for the faint of heart for sure, but it is something that I am proud of doing,” Weslowski said. 

Benefits for the Dayton community

WSU and WPAFB have grown together since the founding of WSU. They continue to have a strong relationship that is for the benefit of the Raider and Dayton community for decades to come.

For more information about the Army and Air Force ROTC programs at Wright State, visit the university website. Click here to visit the WPAFB official website. 

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