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Wright State Opportunities for Military-Affiliated Students

VMC | Photo by Arden Reimer | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University, located next to Wright Patterson Air Force base, offers opportunities for military-affiliated students and family members.

The relationship

WSU and WPAFB have had a close association for many years, in part due to the proximity of the Dayton campus and the base. This year, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the Department of Higher Education awarded the university the Collegiate Purple Star award for their work to support military-affiliated students, according to a May 26 news release from the governor’s desk. 

“The university enjoys a variety of existing relationships with WPAFB at multiple levels and involving a variety of different departments, researchers, etcetera,” Chief Operating Officer for WSU Greg Sample said. 

VMC and student interaction

The university also offers assistance to military-affiliated students through the Veteran and Military Center located at 131 Allyn Hall. 

According to Eduardo Torres, senior benefit and logistics coordinator with the VMC, the center offers services to veterans, active duty service members, National Guardsmen, upper-level ROTC cadets, spouses and dependents.

The center’s primary goal is to establish a sense of belonging for military-affiliated students, according to Torres.

Torres mentioned that most military-affiliated students on campus actively and effectively use the available services. These students, specifically those using benefits, must utilize the VMC in order to receive benefits each semester. 

Torres explained that those who do not use VMC’s services most likely do not have interest in the center or its events, though the organization does try to connect with these students. 

The WSU VMC has no active relationship with WPAFB, though the base does occasionally host events on campus. Previous correspondence in conjunction with the center has involved representatives, such as members of the National Air and Space Intel Center, from WPAFB helping members find jobs and opportunities outside university walls.


In addition to VMC services, students in the University’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program have opportunities to experience aspects of military life through programs with WPAFB. 

According to Major Jonathan Navarra, Operations Officer of WSU’s detachment, cadets have had opportunities to shadow base personnel to learn more about differences between military and civilian operations. The base has also been able to offer professional development opportunities for cadets with the help of WSU AFROTC alumni. 
More information about VMC policies and resources can be found on its website. The center can be reached at 937-775-5550 on Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m

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