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WSU Alumni Finding Success in the Job Field Despite Pandemic

The coronavirus has had an impact on people across the globe. Nevertheless, two Wright State University (WSU) alumni are successfully navigating the job field and achieving success despite the pandemic.  

Alex Dang  

WSU alumni Alex Dang says he has not experienced any job-related issues due to the coronavirus. Following his graduation in 2019 with his Bachelor’s of business in marketing, he began his career as a marketing associate with TJC Polymers.  

Additionally, he has broadened his horizons by travelling across the country attending music festivals and exploring other states. Dang says that these experiences have even formed an interest in him pursuing a business career that is in the music industry once the pandemic is contained.  

 “It hasn’t really had much of an impact on me personally. We still have to go into work, so I am still getting hours. However, I know it has affected many other people I know. I think it depends on their career field,” said Dang.  

Emily Linker 

WSU alumni Emily Linker has wanted to travel, produce music and take photographs for weddings. However, she is currently working as a recruiter for travelling nurses and is unable to pursue these goals because of the pandemic. In addition to her current career as a nursing recruiter, Linker is a freelance photographer and has been training to learn more about music production.  

Having her Bachelor’s of business in marketing, Linker plans on using her business skills to start her own business once the pandemic is under control. Her goal is to use her creative skills and business knowledge from WSU to start a business that enables her to travel and explore the world.  

“I have not been affected by the pandemic in a negative way- just working from home for now,” said Linker. 

While her current job has not been affected, Linker’s future plans are on pause until the pandemic is over.   

Additionally, Linker credits her education at WSU for her perseverance and entrepreneurial abilities. During her time at WSU, she says that the public speaking requirements and business development projects helped her to gain a deeper understanding for how businesses must plan their journey in order to succeed.


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