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WSU Introduces New Leadership Society

First Class Leadership | Graphic from WSU Student Involvement and Leadership

This upcoming fall semester, Wright State University will be introducing First Class Leadership Society to incentivize students to get more involved on campus through leadership opportunities.

The society’s creation

A graduate student assistant in the Student Involvement and Leadership office, Katie Curry, created First Class Leadership Society in order to encourage WSU students to engage in leadership roles through rewards, such as pins and graduation cords.

Various barriers prevent involvement for some students, including the large commuter population, despite the proven benefits.

Curry seeks to remedy this issue with inspiration from similar groups throughout the country, including the Ultimate Bearcat Society at Sam Houston State University in Texas.

“It was clear that this is something that happens across the country, at many different universities, and so that’s why this program or the society has taken off at Wright State, because surrounding institutions do the same thing, and so we want to be as competitive as those institutions,” Curry said.

Now in its pilot phase, the society will test the new initiative on approximately 15 experienced student leaders in the fall.

Student leader Alaina Collins sees the leadership society as an opportunity for SIL to reward already dedicated student leaders for previous work while increasing leadership skills.

“I try to be involved on campus, and I am naturally drawn to programs and groups that will strengthen my leadership skills. I also want to make sure that I am a well-rounded leader, and this organization promises to help with that,” Collins said.

Student and Panhellenic President Rylee Thompson hopes that this program will not only help other student leaders, but will also help those who may not already be involved on campus.

“This new leadership society is not only encouraging students to get involved on campus, but also encourages all students to grow as a leader. Students are able to enter the society and learn how to be a leader and make a difference in their organization,” Thompson said.

Society and expectations

SIL will give these student leaders the option of completing up to three domains through the leadership society. SIL refers to these domains as Learn Domain, Grow Domain and Empower Domain, according to Curry.

Those who complete the first domain will receive a certificate detailing achievement in the society, those who complete the second domain will receive a leadership society pin and those who complete all three domains will receive a cord to wear at graduation.

According to Curry, the guidelines for earning the domains are going to events on campus and then reflecting on these events through an Engage form or through other leadership-related activities.

Students may also complete reflections through infographics, journal entries, podcasts, vlogs, research papers and mock TED talks. Most of the requirements consist of this independent work, but these requirements are subject to change. According to Curry, program requirements will only add 30 minutes to a student’s schedule each week .

Students interested in the leadership society can visit the SIL office located in 019 Student Union. For more information, visit the SIL website

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