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SGA: Two Resolutions, Mask Drive and Women in STEM Event

SGA meeting | Photo by Alexis Wisler

The Student Government Association held their first meeting of the semester on Tuesday, Jan 12. During the meeting, several resolutions were discussed as well as student events occurring this semester.  

Resolution 21-03 

Engineering and Computer Science Senator Gullzada Anwari proposed Resolution 21-03 which requests that the time students have to complete course evaluations be extended. In the resolution, Anwari included that students do not have enough time to complete course evaluations due to the fact that they are during finals week. Anwari also included that because the course evaluations are open during the week of finals, students cannot include the final exam in their course evaluations.  

Resolution 21-03 was tabled and will be discussed again at the next meeting.  

Resolution 21-02 

Resolution 21-02 was passed with a unanimous vote to propose that Election Day be considered a university holiday. The resolution was introduced last semester. Director of Student Affairs Tiphani Moss brought forth the resolution for voting. 

Residential gates  

Before break, resolution 21-01 was passed to open the residential and vehicle gates on Zink Rd. in front of the Village apartments. According to Residential Senator Jonathan Ciero, these gates are still closed.  

“We have had both SGA and RCA pass resolutions about them, however they were not opened during break. I have a meeting set up with Dan Berstos, head of housing, to discuss this and see what I can get done,” said Ciero.  

Mask drive  

Last semester, Commuter Senator Sabrina D’Alesandro began a mask drive donation to give masks to children at local schools. Currently D’Alesandro has collected about 600 masks.  

The deadline to donate a mask is Feb. 5. Anyone who wishes to donate can contact D’Alesandro. 

Women in STEM event  

Several members of SGA’s senate have been working on putting together a Women in STEM event which, according to College of Science and Math Senator Zayneb Moumkine, will be held virtually on March 17.  

The senate will continue working on this event in the following weeks.  

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor