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WSU Students to be Automatically Enrolled in Health Insurance this Fall

Fairborn Health Department | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | Edited by Kayli Thompson | The Wright State Guardian


Wright State University’s health insurance policy requires all students to have adequate health insurance. Students will be automatically enrolled in the Anthem student insurance program for the fall semester. 

Students who already have health insurance and do not need additional coverage may now opt-out of the Anthem program via the Anthem-WSU website. According to a campus-wide communication, students have until Sept. 2, 2022 to waive the coverage. 

Editor’s Note: This is an update to “WSU Students to be Automatically Enrolled in Health Insurance this Fall” published on April 12, 2022. Original article below.

New student health insurance guidelines for fall semester 2022 require all full-time undergraduate students and half-time graduate students to be enrolled in the WSU-sponsored insurance program.

The new coverage plan allows students who do not have health insurance through other means to still receive medical care. According to Anthem’s website, other Ohio schools also have this coverage, including the University of Toledo and Xavier University. 

New guidelines

As students begin to register for fall 2022 classes, WSU is changing the requirements for student health insurance. 

All full-time undergraduate students, part-time graduate students and all international students are required to have “adequate” health insurance, according to a campus-wide email sent by Dean of Students Chris Taylor.  

To meet this requirement, the university is automatically enrolling students who fall into the above categories into Anthem student health insurance.

“Wright State University will automatically enroll you in the university-sponsored student medical and prescription drug insurance plan. Coverage for the Fall Semester will begin on August 15, 2022,” according to the email.

Previously, the university required all students to have health insurance, but did not automatically enroll students into a health plan. Students who did not need health insurance were able to easily decline the coverage when registering for classes. 


Student health insurance plans through Anthem cost $2,064 for full-year coverage, $837 for fall semester coverage only and $1,227 for summer semester coverage, according to WSU’s student health website.

The Anthem program brochure explains that the plans cover services offered both at on-campus health services, like Wright State Physicians, and off-campus services. 

Anthem- WSU 

University financial documents show that WSU entered a relationship with Anthem on July 1, 2021.

The two million dollar contract remains in effect until June 30, 2022. Though the university may decide to renew the contract.

According to the communication, students who already have health insurance may file a waiver between July 1 and Sept. 2. Taylor did not explain where to file the waiver. 

Jamie Naylor