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WSU to Apply for Campus Safety Grant

Campus | Arden Reimer | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University plans to apply for a new Ohio safety grant to fund security updates throughout the campus community.

The grant

On Sept. 12, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the Ohio Campus Safety Grant Program with an application period for the state’s public institutions of higher education. 

The new program makes available five million dollars in grant funds to any public institution that completes the application and takes the required security and vulnerability assessment, according to the press release. The application to receive grant funding is currently open and will run until Oct. 12. 

“These grants will help fund vital safety and security upgrades to assist campus law enforcement agencies and area first responders,” Director of Ohio Department of Public Safety Tom Stickrath said in the release. 

University application

According to Wright State University Director of Communications Seth Bauguess, the university plans to apply for the grant but has not yet completed the vulnerability assessment or submitted the application.

Between August and September, four of 13 reports on the campus crime logs were related to theft, property damage or breaking and entering. DeWine noted in the press release that eligible expenses for campus safety grant funds include security cameras and secure doors, among other uses, which may help prevent the aforementioned offenses. 

WSU Director of Public Safety Kurt Holden hopes the university will receive a campus safety grant. 

“We are always looking for ways to make Wright State safer, and this grant will provide us an opportunity to do just that,” Holden said. 

Governor Dewine explained the reason for the grant initiative. 

“Everyone should be able to learn in a safe, supportive environment so they can succeed both inside and outside the classroom,” Governor DeWine affirmed in the statement. 

Angela Davis

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